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So Fresh and So Clean

On Friday night my internet on my desktop stopped working. Well, sort of. IM, Skype, and a bunch of other stuff still worked but I couldn't access the web. At first I thought it was my internet but I could still ping websites and everything was… more »
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The Return

On Friday I was overjoyed to see that my Xbox had arrived. I'm very impressed with the service and the turnaround time from Microsoft. Friday night I hung out with Justin, Jon and Grace to celebrate Grace and Justin's birthday and I finally got my LAN… more »

Golden Eye for XBLA?

Holy crap, if this rumor is true I will freak out. It makes sense since Rare is owned by Microsoft. I spent many hours playing multiplayer Goldeneye. I can't begin to imagine what it would be like on Live. more »
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XBLA Rules

So I haven't played WoW in like three weeks. Why? Three reasons, basically: School, my DVR, and most of all, my XBOX 360. I finally took the plunge and purchased some Microsoft Points so I could buy some arcade games. After downloading a bunch of… more »
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So Tired....

So last night Duncan sold me one of his 360's for a price I couldn't refuse. I was planning on buying a Wii but the search has been pretty futile. I'm still going to get one, just probably not anytime soon. Why did I buy the 360? Well, first off… more »
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Firefox 2.0 Final On the Way

iTWire - Firefox 2.0 coming your way on Tuesday The final release version of Firefox 2.0 will be released Tuesday. I'm using the RC on my laptop and I really dig it. The improved feed subscription features and the built-in spell check are awesome.… more »
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Gringo and Honzo to go to Jail.

Yup. They had spats on Brendoman that were not under their real names. If they do this in the future, they could go to jail for it, thanks to a new law. President Signs H.R. 3402, the "Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization… more »

Sony demonstrates its High Morals Once again.

Secondary Screening: Sony's Fony Graffiti Looks like Sony paid graffiti artists to advertise for the PSP. Other G/A's found out and defaced the defacings. Film at 11. more »

Holy Freaking Blank! Tivo and the Network Adapter

Why the blank does Tivo have to blanking not support any blanking wireless USB adapters? The the blanking ones that are on their supported and blanking recomended lists?!??!?!? Most all wireless adapters come with drivers to make them work. All you… more »

Sony - "Hey consumers... suck it!"

"Most people, I think, don't even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it," he asked? "The software is designed to protect our CDs from unauthorized copying, ripping." I think TO should be traded to Sony for a couple of PSPs and a PS3. more »
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Duh of the Day

Oh yes, your favorite new feature is back. This time it goes to Bill Gates and Microsoft. Microsoft invents a One Play Only DVD to combat Hollywood piracy >> The revolutionary product could be on the market as early as next… more »
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It has been admited.

[Vista] is not going to work -Allchin, Microsoft's co-head of the Platform Products and Services Division Microsoft Windows Is Offically Broken more »
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Office 12 Preview

office12.png (PNG Image, 1023x714 pixels) One of my spies has sent me this top secret picture of a beta version of Office 12. Definitely not to be missed. more »
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Get internet explorer

Internet Explorer - We discovered the web The wait is over. Internet Explorer empowers you to browse integrated with your entire Windows experience more than any other browser. Stay with the vast majority and continue using the default browser today —… more »
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Be proud of us. We are catching up.

IEBlog : IE7 beta - A few details more »
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'bout time E! covered this.

BlaggBlogg: Clippy the Microsoft Office Paperclip: The E! True Hollywood Story Funny as all get out. Clippy's fortunes took their first turn for the worst when it was announced in 2001 that he would not be included in Office XP. "Office XP is so… more »
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